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Playing The Flop With A Plan

by Ed Miller |  Published: Jul 11, 2012


No-limit games are more aggressive these days than they have ever been. The lion’s share of this extra aggression comes early in hands. Where preflop reraising was a rare event in a typical game a few years ago, I now see it fairly regularly (along with occasional light four-betting and five-betting). There’s also more flop aggression. Players are learning that it doesn’t pay to play fit-or-fold. I see more players fighting for pots on the flop. With so much flop raising, you can’t just throw a flop bet out there and wait to see what happens. Instead, you should anticipate getting raised, have an idea for what hands a player might raise you with, and then develop a plan for dealing with the raise before you even put in the first bet. I played the following hand in a Las Vegas $2-$5 game. When I played the hand, this year’s ...

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