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How to Test for Tilt

by Max Shapiro |  Published: Jul 11, 2012


I ran into Action Al, “the Gambler’s Pal,” one night as I was entering a casino while he was rushing out. Action Al is usually in an agitated state, but this time he seemed more frantic and stressed out than he normally is (not that he’s ever normal). I asked what the problem was. “Ah, I was in this terrible game,” he replied, waving his arms all around. “Couldn’t win a pot, kept getting outdrawn, went on tilt and lost my entire bankroll.” “The whole $20? Too bad, Al,” I said, trying to get away before he could hit me up for a loan. But this time he had something else on his mind. “I wish there was some way I could keep from going on tilt, Maxey. Instead of just writing about Big Denny all the time, maybe you could do an advice column.” “How to keep from going ...

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