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Ten Second Rule and Slow Roll Coming

by Adam Schoenfeld |  Published: Jul 11, 2012


No decision in limit hold’em should take more than ten seconds.  Since my life was ruined by Black Friday, over a year ago, I’ve been slogging it out in live poker at the low limits, rebuilding a bankroll that is partially stuck online and partially debilitated by the loss of my lucrative Full Tilt red pro deal. I’ve spent a lot of that time playing the $10-$20 limit hold’em at Bellagio in Las Vegas. There are certain things that just seem super clear to me now that I’ve actually put some hours in on the live grind. My conclusion about taking time in limit hold’em is one of those things. There are finite options on each street in the limit game. Preflop, you can fold, call or raise. That’s it. There’s no spot ever in limit where you can’t make that preflop decision in ten seconds.  Post-flop, things do get ...

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