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Head Games: Managing Yourself as a Professional Poker Player

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Jul 11, 2012


The Pros: Galen Hall, Chris Sparks, and Taylor Caby Craig Tapscott: What are a few of the mistakes you’ve seen players make when they decide to turn professional and leave their current job behind? Galen Hall: A lot of people get too lost in the game, and poker consumes their life. They can’t be happy if they aren’t winning, and that creates a downward spiral of depression and downswings. When I first started playing professionally, none of my roommates played poker. I joined a rugby team, and I still worked at startups part time;  having a lot of different things going on at once really smoothes out the variance in your emotions. Even if I had a bad week in poker, I had a lot of other things to be happy about or look forward to. A second pitfall I’ve seen far too often is that players can become complacent once they start winning. I ...

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