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Winning Psychologically vs. Financially

by Matt Lessinger |  Published: Jul 11, 2012


In all aspects of life, self-analysis is one of the most difficult things to do. In poker, the checklist is quite long. You have to analyze your strategies, your image, your results, and, perhaps most importantly, your motivations for playing. Last month’s article, which talked about the thresholds of misery and happiness, focused on motivations. I discussed the subject with a few friends, who realized they had never really thought about it, but agreed that they definitely had those thresholds. When they’re losing big, they already feel depressed to the point that losing further money will hardly make them feel any worse. Similarly, when they’re ahead a decent amount, they have already achieved a desired level of satisfaction, such that winning more money won’t add much to that satisfaction. I’m glad to have helped them recognize their thresholds because, for experienced players, I think that was worth more than any ...

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