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Taking A Free Card

by Bob Ciaffone |  Published: Feb 08, 2012


The better the player, the more valuable good position will be of benefit. Why is this? Because he will use that position to outplay the opponent, winning more money when he has a good hand and stealing more money when he has a bad hand. As you improve your no-limit play, you will be placing more importance on good position. Let’s look at a common no-limit hold’em poker situation. You are in late position and call a preflop raise from a middle position raiser and find yourself in a heads-up pot on the flop. The raiser bets somewhat more than half the pot and you call. On the turn, a blank comes and he checks. You have a drawing hand. Having position has presented you the pleasant choice of taking a free card or trying to exploit your opponent’s apparent weakness by betting (a semi-bluff). Lots of money is riding ...

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