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I Missed a Read

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Feb 08, 2012


Poker can get mighty complicated sometimes. General principles and concepts don’t always correlate, requiring intricate weighting analysis to determine the correct play. Sometimes the correct play simultaneously incorporates two different concepts. A bet may have value equity from one opponent and fold equity from another. Sometimes, in the heat of poker battle, these conflicting thoughts overwhelm my mind, preventing it from computing correctly. It was just before Christmas, when the Las Vegas poker world heats up. Several hours into the session an action player live straddled it under-the-gun (UTG) and was three-bet by a highly aggressive Las Vegas pro. A weak/tight woman raised to four bets folding the field to me in the small blind (SB) holding the J J. It was a difficult situation to read. Mr. Straddle had two random cards, Mr. Aggressive-Pro’s hand range, standardly wide, was considerably widened by the fact that he was raising a ...

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