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Capture The Flag: Justin Young

by Erik Fast |  Published: Feb 08, 2012


Erik Fast: How different of a mindset is it for you between cash games and tournaments, and is switching between the two difficult for you? Justin Young: To me, it’s like playing Monopoly and then playing Scrabble. They are both games that take separate mindsets to play. They are different enough in my mind, and I have enough experience in both, that it’s not that tough of a transition. EF: Which version of poker do you prefer, and which do you find to be the more highly skilled version of poker? JY: They are two entirely different games, but personally I am always going to be biased towards cash games. I think that deep-stacked play is the true test of poker skill. Sitting a thousand big blinds deep, you have enough room to manipulate pots and get your opponent to do things the way you want, instead of only having ...

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