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The Scoop: With Phil Collins

by Diego Cordovez |  Published: Feb 08, 2012


“I’ve never had a six-figure score. I am kind of proud of that, but then again I am kind of not, because I don’t have a signature win like an FTOPS title. It had been irking me that I didn’t have that big six-figure score.’ “I made the final table of the FTOPS two-day, and the top five spots were all paying $100,000 or more. I was playing to win, but I saw that top five would get me that six-figure score. I was first in chips with eighteen remaining, and then third in chips when we made the final table. Unfortunately, I got seventh. I guess I am just going to skip the six-figures altogether and jump to the seven-figures (laughs).” “Recently I’ve really fallen in love with live poker, because it’s so nice to be able to use all of the tools available in your thought process, and ...

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