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Switching From Online To Brick and Mortar Poker

Adjusting To Much Higher Costs

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Feb 08, 2012


Former online players (OLP) complain more about live poker’s slowness, but its higher costs are much more important. In fact, these costs are so high that many online pros and semi-pros can’t win without making huge strategic changes. Most online pros and semi-pros were small-stakes grinders. They multi-tabled, played hundreds of hands per hour, made a tiny profit on each hand, and received substantial rakeback and other bonuses. Live poker is so expensive that anyone applying a low-margin strategy cannot possibly win. Brick and mortar (B&M) games, especially the smallest, most popular ones, cost more than twice as much as online games. The rake is about twice as high (about 10 percent vs. 5 percent) without rakeback and deposit bonuses. You also have many other costs: tips, jackpot drops, gas, parking, tolls, and even hotel bills. There are also non-financial costs, especially the time spent driving and waiting to play. ...

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