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Hand 2 Hand Combat: Derric Haynie Shares How to Estimate an Opponent’s Hand Range From Start to Finish, and Beyond

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Oct 29, 2010


Event: Full Tilt Poker six-max cash game Blinds: $5-$10 Players at the Table: 6 Stacks: “ActionDJ” – $2,130.55; Villain – $1,042.25 Craig Tapscott: Give us a rundown on the villain. Derric “ActionDJ” Haynie: He’s a very good, aggressive player, but I don’t have a ton of experience against him directly. I do know that he employs a David “raptor” Benefield type of strategy, which involves three-betting small in position with a ton of hands, and selectively applying pressure post-flop. ActionDJ raises from under the gun to $30 with the 9♦ 9♥. The villain reraises to $80 from the button. CT: What’s his three-betting range? DH: Certainly, he would three-bet strong hands for value, such as A-A to J-J, A-K, and A-Q. He could “merge” his range and three-bet hands like A-J, K-Q, Broadway hands, and medium pairs, but I believe that he would flat-call with these hands most of the ...

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