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It’s All About the Price!

The importance of implied odds

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Oct 29, 2010


Whatever your implied odds are, the total future price that you will pay versus the potential future reward is the most significant factor in determining whether to proceed in a hand. The bigger your implied reward, the more risk you can correctly assume. Many players determine their odds based on how much money is currently in the pot, but the real price is the amount that you may win versus the totality of the risks that you must withstand. Determining your implied odds involves an immeasurable number of variables, and even world-class players can usually just make an educated guess. The most important factors in determining your implied odds are the likely cost to proceed, your opponents’ abilities and tendencies, the likelihood that you will win, and your ability to play your hand correctly. It was a Saturday night at Bellagio. The $30-$60 limit hold’em game I was in was ...

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