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Poker Fallacies

Some common poker “wisdoms”

by Bob Ciaffone |  Published: Oct 29, 2010


I keep in close touch with my co-author of Middle Limit Holdem Poker, Jim Brier. Here is something interesting he sent me about some common poker “wisdoms” that he considers to be fallacies. (The first paragraph after each fallacy contains his comments, and the second paragraph contains mine.) Fallacy No. 1: A tournament with a smaller buy-in and larger prize pool is better than one with a larger buy-in and smaller prize pool. JB: This came up in discussing the $110 daily tournament at one poker room (Room A) versus the $65 daily tournament at another poker room (Room B). It was pointed out that not only does Room B have a smaller buy-in, it has a larger prize pool, because it gets about 100 players versus only about 10 players for the tournament in Room A. But this argument neglected to point out that in Room A, only $10 ...

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