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Recommended reading for online players

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Oct 29, 2010


If you find the title of this column puzzling, keep reading. In fact, even if you don’t find it puzzling, keep reading. I usually have one of a few reactions when I read a poker book. The most common is that it isn’t a very good book. This includes books that contain a lot of mistakes or seem to get some important things wrong. Whenever I finish one, I’m happy I didn’t write it. It is possible to learn something from these books, however. They may present an occasional good idea or new concept, or perhaps just the process of diagnosing why their advice is bad can make them beneficial. More interesting are the good books. They generally get things right and often present some good ideas. When I finish one of them, I often think of it as a lost opportunity — that I easily could have written that ...

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