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Head Games: Thin Value-Bets: Offense and Defense

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Oct 29, 2010


The Pros: Vanessa Selbst, Chad Brown, and Richard Lyndaker Craig Tapscott: Please explain how you use thin value-bets to get the maximum value out of a hand. Vanessa Selbst: A thin value-bet is simply one that you make when you don’t have a very strong hand but are confident that your opponent has a weaker one. Making thin value-bets also makes you more difficult to play against, and enables you to successfully bluff more often, because your opponent must always be concerned that you are making a value-bet with a wide range.  One example is if you raise from the button with J-J in a tournament and a player calls you from the big blind. The flop comes 9-6-4 rainbow, and your opponent check-calls. The turn is a king, your opponent checks, and you check behind. The river is a queen, and your opponent checks again. At this point, it ...

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