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Don’t Forget the Basics

A refresher course

by John Vorhaus |  Published: Sep 03, 2010


I was playing a heads-up sit-and-go against an opponent who’d given me a fairly good match. I was holding a 2-1 chip lead with high blinds when we both got all in — A-9 for me, K-5 for my foe. I flopped trip nines and rewarded my worthy opponent with a “gg” in the chat box — prematurely, as it turned out, for he hit a runner-runner straight to double through me and stay alive in the match. But here’s the thing: He wasn’t there anymore! So clearly disgusted was he at the sight of my three nines that he just up and left the table, and never came back. Eventually, he was blinded off, and I won the match against a foe who was at first worthy and in the end “sitting out.” Look, it’s not like I didn’t understand his point of view. He thought he was defeated ...

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