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by Eduard Antonyan |  Published: Sep 03, 2010


Game $2-$4 no-limit hold’em Opponent An unknown regular Stacks His: $463.50; Mine: $430 My Cards 8 8 My Position Button This hand was from a $2-$4, five-handed cash game online. My opponent had $463.50 and covered my $430 stack. I raised from the button to $10 with the 8 8, and my opponent reraised to $32 from the small blind. I called, and we took a flop. Calling preflop is debatable against some players with a medium pair like eights, but against an aggressive opponent, it’s going to be profitable. With weaker pairs than eights, you’re often better off four-betting preflop or folding, but eights are strong enough to play post-flop with position against a player who is reraising with a wide range out of the blinds. The flop came 6 4 4. Pocket eights are generally going to be good on this flop, but we need more information before ...

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