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When Action Becomes Established

A rule update

by Bob Ciaffone |  Published: Sep 03, 2010


In poker, as in bridge and other serious card games, there is a point at which an action becomes established, meaning an irregularity will be ignored (and/or penalized) because too much has happened since the irregularity occurred to go back and correct the problem. We see this situation in sports, as well, when, for example, a bad call by a referee or umpire is identified as such too late to be rectified. A result may have to stand even if an important rule or procedure is broken along the way. In poker, a result becomes established when the dealer starts shuffling for the next hand. However, I have been involved in a situation in which the amount of money put into the pot was straightened out two hands later. Here’s how it happened: I was playing three-handed at the final table of a tournament in Tunica, Mississippi, in 2004. The ...

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