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The Scoop -- Ted Forrest

by The Scoop |  Published: Sep 03, 2010


Ted Forrest has more than $5.6 million in tournament cashes, he played in the biggest cash game of all time against Andy Beal, and he is known to have made some very interesting proposition bets during his long career as a poker pro. He recently stopped by The Scoop studio to discuss a recent prop bet that has the poker world talking. Diego Cordovez: We want to talk about poker, but first of all, you just concluded an amazing feat, which was betting $2 million on your ability to lose 50 pounds, which sounds extremely dangerous and terrifying. Ted Forrest: It was like 45 pounds. Adam Schoenfeld: A mere trifle. DC: Oh, OK; let’s move on to something else, then; 45 pounds in four or five months … TF: It doesn’t sound like that much when you put it like that. DC: It sounds like a lot, because in our ...

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