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Student Ideas About Bluffing

Both good and bad

by Bob Ciaffone |  Published: Apr 16, 2010


I just took on another new student. His first question was about bluffing. Here are excerpts from his e-mail. (Our correspondence has been lightly edited for readability.) “I have a question about bluffing. When in a live game, I find in general that I bluff a lot less often when I start at a table or get short-stacked. Online, however, I find that I bluff a lot more often. In fact, it often gets me into trouble. I try to bluff enough to get action on my strong hands, but find it difficult to always bluff successfully, and have even more difficulty in knowing when and how often to bluff. Any thoughts on this?” Let’s look at each of the points he brought up, and what I said about each one. My student said: “I bluff a lot less often when I start at a table” I do not believe ...

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