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You're Not Entitled to Win

Try not to feel like a victim

by Alan Schoonmaker |  Published: Apr 16, 2010


Some players feel they have a right to win. When they lose, their sense of entitlement makes them feel like victims. They tell bad-beat stories in which they basically say, “I deserved to win because I’m a good player, had the best hand, played it well, but lost to an idiot.” Or, they whine about how some weak players are so lucky. Or, they insist that they should win tonight because they have lost so much recently. Or, they should make this flush because they have missed the last four. Or, they believe they are such good players that they deserve better results. Are You a Victim? We all occasionally feel that way, because poker can be so frustrating. No matter how well we understand that cards are random, no matter how much we study the theory of probability, we can’t help occasionally feeling that the law of averages has ...

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