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It's All About Reading

A key to making good decisions

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Apr 16, 2010


Numerous poker players have read the books and understand poker’s basic strategies. But, what is most important and difficult to teach in a book is reading opponents’ hands. Good hand readers make better laydowns, value-bet better, and design highly profitable plays based on their reads. Great hand readers combine their hand-reading ability with their strategy knowledge and make better decisions in their play of hands. I know many players who are extremely knowledgeable strategically in poker, yet are not big winners in the game because of their inability to read hands. In order to read your opponents’ hands well, you need to get inside their heads, read their knowledge level to decipher their thoughts, know their psychological makeup to judge their emotional reactions, and pay attention to their physical mannerisms to pick up tells. If you have an accurate tell on an opponent, you will own him! Do these things ...

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