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Mind Over Poker

by David Apostolico |  Published: Apr 16, 2010


Choose, Respond, Change I recently came across Covey’s quote, and, of course, it got me thinking about poker. The successful implementation of these endowments could serve as a blueprint for winning play. In my observations, however, I think a lot of players have work to do in these areas. Let’s look at each one, starting with the area in which I think most players have the least amount of work to do, and ending with the endowment that probably requires the most work. First, let’s look at conscience. I’m not sure what Covey had in mind when he wrote this, but the endowment of conscience is a little tricky when it comes to poker. It should go without saying that poker players should respect the rules and avoid cheating and angle-shooting. After that, though, the poker arena is one in which players are engaged in a cutthroat competitive endeavor that ...

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