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Overprotecting Your Hand

Think about why you're betting

by Ed Miller |  Published: Apr 16, 2010


Protecting your hand is a well-known poker concept. If you think you have the best hand at the moment, you bet to force your opponents either to fold or to pay to draw out. In no-limit hold’em, however, many players tend to overprotect their hands. Here’s a simple example: When I play live no-limit hold’em in Las Vegas, I see this particular play with regularity. A tight — some might say nitty — regular player is first to act before the flop in a $2-$5 game. This player rarely raises before the flop, and when he does, he usually makes it $20 to go. But in this situation, he raises to $60. Everyone folds, and he shows pocket queens. Why did he do that? Why did a player who rarely raises preflop decide to make a monster raise this time? I don’t claim to have access to the thoughts of ...

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