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Drawing Positions

“Getting there first”

by Michael Cappelletti |  Published: Apr 02, 2010


Back in the days when we played mostly limit hold’em and Omaha, it was quite clear that a flush or straight draw was worth more in last position. Among other reasons, if we hit our flush or straight on the turn or river, the lead bettor who had bet the flop was acting in front of us, and he would either continue betting or check. Then, we could raise or bet accordingly. But if we were acting first and hit our draw, we would have to guess whether to bet or trap (check, hoping to check-raise). And if we checked, the flop bettor might not like the card that came and might check — which would cost us money. Since position substantially affects the value of a holding, there are many hands in limit hold’em and Omaha that normally should be folded from an early position, but can be played ...

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