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Reading Your Opponent

Use both physical tells and patterns

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Apr 02, 2010


There are two ways of reading your opponent. One is by picking up tells. It is hard to describe what tells are, since there are so many and they are so varied. Generally, they are some characteristic physical behavior that is highly correlated with a type of hand. There is a variety of behaviors that may tell something about your opponent’s hand. There are so many types of tells that it is impossible to focus on all the things that all of your opponents are doing that could reveal something about their hands. Tells may relate to hand movements, including chip handling, voice depth and tone, posture, eye movements, and many other things. Normally, the best that a tell can do is enable you to put your opponent’s hand into a range — bluff, weak, medium, strong, and monster. The other way of reading your opponents is by learning their ...

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