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The Accidental Bluff

by Tony Dunst |  Published: Apr 02, 2010


Game: $109 buy-in no-limit hold’em tournament Opponent: Solid tournament pro in the big blind Stacks: Mine: 2,830; His: 3,000 My Cards: A 10 My Position: Button It’s a bad feeling, knowing that you got bluffed — but it’s an even worse feeling to find out that your opponent accidentally bluffed you! In a recent training video that I produced for Card Player Pro, I reviewed an interesting hand that I played against a tough tournament opponent — which shows the unique “accidental bluff” in action. In a $109 buy-in tournament online, everyone folded around to me on the button, and I opened for 90 with the A 10; the blinds were 15-30. The big blind, a solid tournament professional, called the raise, and we took a flop heads up. The flop came 4 4 2. My opponent checked, I bet 125 into a pot of 195, and my opponent called. ...

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