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Hand 2 Hand Combat -- Greg Kaplan

Greg Kaplan Wields His Perceived Image Like a Sledgehammer

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Apr 02, 2010


Event: PokerStars six-max no-limit hold’em cash game Stacks: Greg “kapie123” Kaplan – $883; “Innerspy” – $900 Blinds: $2-$4 Players at the Table: 5 Greg Kaplan: Innerspy is a European professional who is a very solid, consistent winner in the medium-stakes no-limit hold’em games. He plays a good loose-aggressive style. At one point, he held the record for the most hands played in 24 hours, and he plays 20-plus tables at a time. Craig Tapscott: How does he perceive you? GK: Innerspy sees me as a tight-aggressive, profitable regular in the game, and definitely on the nitty side. This is the most important part of the dynamics in the hand. Innerspy raises to $16 from under the gun. GK: I look down at the J 6 in the small blind, which is obviously not a strong enough hand with which to call out of position, but it then occurs to me ...

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