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Generation Next: Steve Barshak

Doesn’t Blame Lady Luck

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Apr 02, 2010


Lady luck often finds herself a convenient scapegoat. She unselfishly bears the burden of blame when a one-outer river card draws out on your beautiful pair of aces. Yet, she takes all of the unfounded blame in stride, knowing that just around the corner, she will be worshipped once again when the cards tumble in your favor. Sure, she can be fickle, but is she to blame? Does she deserve an ounce of credit? No, not really. The true responsibility lies with you and your decisions; the rest … well, the rest just happens. Accept it. This can be sage wisdom for players who can’t stop whining about bad beats or running bad. But they first have to listen, let it sink in, and allow it to foster awareness. Last year, University of Illinois student Steve Barshak learned not to place blame outside of himself. To him, luck became an ...

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