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Winning in Live-Action No-Limit Hold’em Games

Use position to build and steal medium-sized pots

by Ed Miller |  Published: Apr 02, 2010


Most live-action $1-$2, $1-$3, and $2-$5 no-limit hold’em players focus on the big pots. They want to see flops, hit hands, and stack opponents who are holding second-best hands. This focus, unfortunately, does not promote long-term, consistent winning. The problem with it is obvious once you think about it. Everyone else is trying to do the same thing! For every time that you win a big pot with a better kicker or a bigger flush, you’re likely to lose one to an opponent who has you pipped. Over time, you’re taking two steps forward, two steps back, and not really getting anywhere. The key to winning in live-action no-limit hold’em games is to focus on using position to build and steal medium-sized pots. Now, before you send a “This won’t work in my game” e-mail, please understand that I’m not talking about every live-action no-limit hold’em game on the planet. ...

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