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My New Best Friend

by 'Mad Marty' Wilson |  Published: Apr 01, 2010


In 2005, Joe Hachem won the World Series of Poker. But in 2010 my new best friend is a man named Joe Heyburn. They sound the same, don’t they? Joe Heyburn, you can Google him by the way, is famous for being on the TV show You Are What You Eat for losing so many pounds in so many weeks. But Joe runs the Fox Hotel in my hometown of Bridgnorth. When he bought the hotel, it was suggested to Joe that he light up the pub with a million candles to celebrate the opening night, but Joe told me that he had already blown that much. Joe Heyburn is probably the funniest man on the planet and he uttered the funniest thing that I’ve heard so far this year. It was after a particular session of high-octane rocket fuel, or as they call it round here special cider, with ...

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