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Mind Over Poker

A Healthy Level of Insanity

by David Apostolico |  Published: Apr 01, 2010


I recently received one of those joke-containing e-mails that get forwarded around the universe. This one was titled “To Maintain a Healthy Level of Insanity,” and it contained a list of 14 things that you can do to achieve such a state. A few items on the list included, “Page yourself over the intercom and don’t disguise your voice,” “Specify that your drive-thru order is to go,” “Sing along at the opera,” and, my personal favorite, “Order a diet water whenever you go out to eat — with a straight face.” The rest of the list included similar random acts that are guaranteed to get a reaction. Of course, that is the one common thread in each item on the list. The point is to mess with people in order to get a reaction out of them. It’s fun to witness how people react to something offbeat or out of ...

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