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by Aidan Elder |  Published: Apr 01, 2010


U.S. Masters Other than both being considered purveyors of scandal in their respective eras, there is little to connect Tiger Woods with the recently deceased J.D. Salinger. But with Tiger taking an indefinite sabbatical from the game, the route chosen by the Catcher In The Rye author may become increasingly tempting to golf’s number one player. With the greatest achievement of his literary career behind him, Salinger felt criticism of his work was overly vindictive and responded by shutting himself off from the world. While Salinger’s reclusiveness took it to an extreme, there is a chance that Tiger might decide a return to golf will leave him open to a level of scrutiny and pressure not worth the hassle. With his fortune made and his reputation as one of the greatest golfers established, does he really need to go out and actually surpass Jack Nicklaus’ record for Major victories? Or ...

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