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Hand 2 Hand Combat -- Davidi Kitai

High-Card Kitai

by Rebecca McAdam |  Published: Apr 01, 2010


Event: EPT Warsaw 2009 Prize pool: $1,714,327 Blinds: 150-300 Chip Counts: Davidi Kitai – 25,000; Xavier Cena – 45,000 Davidi Kitai: Since the table had been playing tight passively, and the villain [Xavier Cena] was on the big blind, I decided to open for 750 from under the gun +2 with K 2. Everyone folds except Xavier Cena who calls. Rebecca McAdam: If someone reraised, would you have folded? DK: Yes, it is the kind of hand easy to fold on a reraise. I wanted to see flops, to outplay my table after the flop. They played their cards very tightly and had a solid preflop game. I just found my edge outplaying them after the flop. That’s the kind of table I would like to raise many hands preflop on. RM: What did you think of Cena and his game at this point? DK: Sitting just across from me, ...

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