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Pot-Limit Omaha – Flopping the Straight

by Michael Piper |  Published: Apr 01, 2010


Hold’em players dream about flopping straights and stacking overplayed one-pair hands, but in pot-limit Omaha, unless the pot is huge, most of the action you get will be from hands that have equity against you a straight is not a through-ticket to your opponents’ stack, and can even be an underdog when your opponent only has high cards. The straight is the most common nut hand on the flop, but could be only 8/1 to remain the nuts by the river. Let’s look at the factors that will influence your play. The Non-Nut Straight If you flop the non-nut straight without a redraw, you will often be drawing dead when lots of money goes into the pot. Sets and draws might give you action but they have good equity, while you have no equity against the nut straight. Be very careful putting significant amounts of money into the pot with ...

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