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by Roy Brindley |  Published: Apr 01, 2010


Double up, double up and double up again. It’s the oldest betting strategy in the book. You know the story put a tenner on red; if it loses, have a score on red next spin; if that loses forty quid; then 80 and then 160, 320, 640… Eventually that little white ball should land in the red bit on the roulette wheel and you will double up. Such is the popularity of this gambling scheme it even has its own name, the Martingale System. Sadly the Martingale System is not infallible, far from it. To ensure success players need infinite wealth and they also need to find a casino with no betting limits. Understandably such places do not exist. As it stands punters will either run out of money after a small series of losses or exceed the house betting limits after a similarly small series of losses. Commonly the ...

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