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What a Rush!

by Brendan Murray |  Published: Apr 01, 2010


Full Tilt’s introduction of Rush Poker has certainly livened up the online poker world in recent weeks. Millions of words have been written and spoken about it as people get to grips with the fastest, most action-packed poker experience ever to hit a felt table virtual or otherwise.

The premise is elegantly simple. Rather than have to wait for action in a cash game after you’ve folded your hand an often tiresome affair as we know players are immediately moved to another cash game, randomly assigned a seat, and dealt two new cards. All in the space of around one second. Repeat ad infinitum.

Its claim to be revolutionary is quite warranted. It has already shaken up online poker and anecdotal evidence suggests it is acquiring, at least, cult status. With time it could go on to become a dominant force in the game.

It has many advantages, particularly for those who don’t like data miners or having to multi-table to acquire the necessary action.

If you haven’t tried it yet, jump in and give it a go. For the more cautious among you there’s a tutorial at which demonstrates this feverishly fun game better than 200 cumbersome words ever could! (See Inside Straight for further information)

Data Moaning
It’s not just Rush Poker that has reinvigorated the controversial data mining debate.

The Microgaming network has moved to prevent the practice in short, creating databases of hand histories in order to analyse play saying it has a negative effect on recreational players. It is a bold move and could be a first step towards shaking up the entire online industry.

For some the whole topic is dull, for others it passes right over their heads. Still others rely on it to turn a profit while some say it undermines the very foundations of the game.

It’s a complicated and emotive area and over the coming months Card Player will be examining it in detail. We’ll sort the facts from the fiction and bring you insight, opinion, and analysis from some of the world’s leading poker players.

Don’t moan. You might just learn something.

Spring is in the Air
As this issue of Card Player hits the streets spring will have sprung across Europe. Poker players on this side of the pond will broadly spend less time playing online as the weather improves and live events take on a more recreational bent for many who like to combine a little pleasure with their business.

Card Player will be there every step of the way and wishes all aspiring champions the best of luck in their quest for the “big score” over the coming months.

Check the Euro section of regularly for up-to-the-minute news, views, and analysis from the European poker circuit. Spade Suit