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Pocket Jacks in No-Limit Hold’em

Play them cautiously

by Bob Ciaffone |  Published: Feb 19, 2010


Pocket jacks are quite a bit like pocket queens, which were the subject of my last column. You may recall that I was quite conservative preflop with queens when the money was deep. Since queens beat jacks, I naturally am even more cautious with jacks. You should not be getting all in with this weak a hand unless you are heads up with a known maniac — and even maniacs will pick up a big pair once in a while. I do not want to demean jacks too much. Preflop, I think they are a good enough hand to raise from any position. Since they easily can be beat and are not strong enough to limp and then reraise, I raise with them nearly always. It is normally worse to call a reraise with jacks than it is with A-K. Compare jacks with A-K against a hand that has the ...

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