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A-A vs. K-K

Limit hold’em style

by Barry Tanenbaum |  Published: Feb 19, 2010


In most no-limit hold’em games, when one player receives pocket aces and another gets dealt pocket kings, the play proceeds rapidly. Both players get their chips into the pot and watch the dealer run out the cards. Exceptions exist for very deep-stack play and certain highly predictable opponents, but nearly every time, an A-A vs. K-K confrontation results in the players’ hoping and praying while the dealer works. Limit hold’em works differently, of course. It’s much harder to get all in, and the slower development of the hand provides room for hand reading and decision-making. Recently, I played a couple of hands that illustrate this. Hand No. 1: This hand is simpler and in many ways more typical than the next. I hold the K K in middle position and open-raise in a $30-$60 game. I get two late callers, and a nice lady in the small blind makes it ...

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