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Raising and dealing with raises

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Feb 19, 2010


Practice is considered to be an absolutely essential activity in all sports. Players continually practice in order to improve or even just to maintain their skills at a certain level. Golfers practice driving and putting. Basketball players practice foul shots or long jumpers. Many participants in non-sports endeavors or professions benefit from practice. Even the most accomplished musicians still do scales every day. Poker players never practice. When I say that we never practice, I am distinguishing between practicing and performing or playing. Not only don’t we practice, we don’t even know how to practice. I think the best way to practice poker is to look at a specific situation, play, or decision. Then, create a sample set of hands in which a particular play or decision must be made or at least considered. Good sources for sample hands come from examining your hand records, watching the superstars playing online, ...

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