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Generation Next -- Chad Eveslage

Head Games Score for the High-School Phenom

by Craig Tapscott |  Published: Feb 19, 2010


As a Little League baseball pitcher growing up in Jeffersonville, Indiana, Chad Eveslage excelled at messing with a batter’s head. He lived for those moments that made time stand still, when everything just clicked. Nothing was more beautiful than setting up a wicked curveball with consecutive fastballs and then hearing the sweet swish of another strikeout. That fierce competitive nature would eventually lead him to poker, and to playing freeroll tournaments online. He watched. He read forums about the game. He talked to friends. And for six years, he practiced poker after basketball games, after baseball games, and on weekends. And instead of earning money working at the local mall during his senior year of high school, he cashed for more than $1 million online. When he began playing at the lower stakes, he was hyperaggressive. He had to learn to tone it down to be able to play for ...

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