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Heads Up With 'Miami' John Cernuto

by Kristy Arnett |  Published: Feb 19, 2010


“Miami” John Cernuto has been cashing consistently in major live tournaments for the past two decades, and has accumulated more than $4.7 million in tournament winnings and won three World Series of Poker bracelets. He recently sat down with Card Player TV to discuss three-betting preflop in a limit Omaha eight-or-better tournament. Kristy Arnett: What goes into your decision-making process when considering a three-bet preflop? “Miami” John Cernuto: There are certain criteria that I use. Number one is, you usually want to three-bet with what I consider a group-one Omaha [eight-or-better] hand, which, of course, includes all the hands that everybody knows about — A-2-3-Q, A-A-2-4, A-A-3-5, and so on. Now, the other situations in which you want to three-bet are when you’re up against an aggressive player who is very loose. If he’s been showing down some hands that are very weak, I like to three-bet him with even ...

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