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Nick ‘The Greek’ vs. the LOL

Tricked, but pleased to learn a new maneuver

by Steve Zolotow |  Published: Jan 08, 2010


We all have heard the story of the great poker match between Nick “The Greek” Dandalos and Johnny Moss. This game lasted five months and inspired the World Series of Poker. While the stories of this game are legendary, there is a story about Nick that I have always liked much more. Internet users are acclimated to using LOL as an acronym for Laughing Out Loud. Bridge players have always used LOL as an acronym for Little Old Lady. An LOL is typically a grandmotherly type who plays a stodgy, unimaginative game, but somehow outfoxes the unlucky expert. LOLs are also frequently found in poker games, and many are much sharper than their mild, grandmotherly appearance would lead you to believe. The Greek was in the midst of a losing streak, playing with wealthy celebrities in private Los Angeles games, and decided to trek down to Gardena and try his ...

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