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Learning Pot-Limit Omaha

The road to a final table

by Matt Matros |  Published: Jan 08, 2010


It finally happened. I’ve played hold’em for many years, in its limit and no-limit forms, and this summer, I finally started feeling a bit of hold’em burnout. While there is always more to be learned and new levels for one’s poker game to reach, I just didn’t have the motivation to work hard at hold’em anymore, at least for a while. So, I thought, why not try something else? And thus began my experiment in pot-limit Omaha (PLO). I didn’t have to start completely from scratch. I’d logged a few dozen hours of PLO over the years, and even cashed in the $1,500 PLO event at the 2007 World Series of Poker. But there is a big difference between knowing the basics of a game and knowing how to play a game well. My goal was to learn PLO well enough to have an edge in most major PLO tournaments. ...

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