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Mind Over Poker

An All-Ace Flop

by David Apostolico |  Published: Jan 08, 2010


I was playing in the last event of the recent U.S. Poker Championship when a rather odd hand transpired. It caught me by surprise, and I ended up asking a lot of friends about it. The responses I received surprised me even more, while simultaneously reinforcing my opinion of how the hand in question played out. Sufficiently confused? OK, then let’s get to the hand. Starting stacks are 5,000. On the fourth hand of the tournament, with everyone right around the original chip amount, I’m dealt pocket queens. The blinds are still only 25-50. The under-the-gun player limps in. It’s then folded around to me in middle position. I make it 200 to go. It’s folded to the under-the-gun player, who calls. The flop comes A-A-A. There is 475 in the pot. My immediate reaction is that my hand is good, but I’m still going to play small ball. There’s ...

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