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Tom’s Winning Tips for Online Poker — Part III

Final pieces of advice

by Tom McEvoy |  Published: Jan 08, 2010


This is the final column in a three-part series about online poker. I hope that my previous tips and those in this column are helpful to you. Tip No. 8 Don’t put more money into your online account than you can afford to lose. This tip is ignored or forgotten more often than just about any other piece of advice that I have to offer. Why does this happen so often? I think it’s because in the heat of battle, we often chase our losses. Sometimes we play higher than we should, and other times we start playing bad poker — otherwise known as going on tilt. Once you start chasing your losses and playing bad hands, things can get out of control very quickly. Play in your comfort zone. I have known extremely wealthy people who were not comfortable playing higher than $20-$40 limit or $2-$5 no-limit. Even Bill ...

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