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Paying Off ‘The Senator’

The value of aggression

by Roy Cooke |  Published: Jan 08, 2010


The world’s best poker players have an aggressive gear in their game, and they utilize it only when the situation is right. Their aggression enables them to play many more hands correctly, giving them greater money volume bet per hour and a greater expectation per hour than their more passive opponents. Back in the old days, aggressive players were few and far between. But in the modern era, aggression is the norm. Indeed, many players have only one speed in their game — fast. And while, as a general principle, it is probably better to be too aggressive than too passive, the real trick is knowing when to speed up your game and when to slow it down. What really enables good, aggressive players to play more hands is that they read their situations and opponents’ hands well, and their aggressive plays are made in positive-expectation situations. Players who read ...

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