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Shoving From the Small Blind

A good play or not?

by Matt Lessinger |  Published: Jan 08, 2010


In the past year, I’ve played thousands of six-handed hyperturbo sit-and-go tournaments (HTs), in which you start with 500 in chips and the limits go up every three minutes. The top two players win roughly 2.5 times their buy-in, while third place gets his money back. Obviously, there is a lot of luck involved in each individual HT, but in the long run, the better players clearly come out ahead. There’s one player in particular who I believe is elite — we’ll call him “Jonah” — and since he puts in so many hours, he is nearly impossible to avoid. In fact, if he has any fault, it’s that he plays so many HTs simultaneously that his play sometimes becomes too formulaic. Perhaps his most formulaic play is moving all in preflop from the small blind every time the action is folded to him. I was never a fan of ...

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