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Let’s Take Some of the Flaws Out of Your Game

Reassess the basics of your game

by Roy West |  Published: Sep 04, 2009


Hi. Come on in. Enjoy some of my justly famous split pea soup while we speak of our beloved game of poker. Pass the crackers, please. I know, you don’t think you have any flaws in your game. It’s all of those other players in the room who don’t know how to play. I often look around a poker room with the realization that every player there thinks that he or she is the best player in the room. (I know that I feel that way.) If that is so, why are we playing here instead of at Bellagio against the big kids? (The big kids at Bellagio scare me.) To begin with, you play too many hands, and you take them too far. But the fun is in the playing, not the watching. A tourist didn’t fly 2,000 miles to fold — he came to play! He has $500 ...

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