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Mind Over Poker

Make a Plan and Stick With It

by David Apostolico |  Published: Sep 04, 2009


I was playing in a daily private tournament at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City that had some very good players. The play was atypical of a normal daily tournament, in that the players were less likely to take needless gambles. There were lots of last-longer bets, as well, so I knew that I had to make some adjustments. We started with 5,000 in chips and the blinds at 25-50, which seemed like a fairly decent structure. However, the blinds increased every 20 minutes, so while you could be patient, you could not be too patient. I quickly realized that the players were very solid. There was no wild play. Conservative play with selective aggressiveness dominated. The first elimination did not take place until the fourth level, which is unheard of for a daily tournament with close to 70 players. I managed to avoid mistakes, and maintained a slightly ...

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